Monday, September 22, 2014

My Place Value Train

This is about the mathematics project that I have made on the Place Value System. I have named it as MY PLACE VALUE TRAIN, in which I have made six boxes out of thermocol and named them as ones, tens, hundreds, thousand, ten thousand and lakhs and fixed the ice cream sticks on it to place the number beads made out of colored paper.
Now we can place the number of beads according to their place value to depict the number. We can also add and subtract beads to show the sum of two numbers or the remainder.
Simar Ahuja

IBDP student's achievements

Rhea Cheeti of IBDP Grade XII has won Gold in the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition, and is one of the 12 people in India chosen for this award. This is an international competition with more than 9,500 entries and participants from 45 Commonwealth countries and regions. 
The main theme of this year's competition was 'Team Commonwealth', in light of the XX Commonwealth Games and the spirit of friendship between the Commonwealth nations. The essay prompts touched upon subjects such as ethics, human rights, unity and teamwork.


Dance- Grade 3

In connection with their unit of inquiry on “Land forms”, students of Grade 3 watched PPT on different dance styles prominent in various areas like: beaches, deserts, valleys and plains, and presented few steps of particular dance form to their peers in groups with focus on coordination and group dynamics. 

Library Culture Award

On 16th September we the class of 5F got an award for the best library culture. We got the award for being a really good class in the library period and not only for following all the essential agreements in library but also for returning the borrowed books regularly, being silent while reading, arranging the rack properly by putting the books in its proper place. We were given this award by our teacher Mrs. Veena and our H.M. As a class we all felt good for our sir as this is his second time getting the award. I felt really good for our class and our dear Pratik sir. We shall continue with the good work and bring accolades to our class.
Rafaan Hyder- 5F



Guest lecture on Homes

As a part of our Unit of Inquiry ‘Homes’ we had a guest lecture by the  parent of our class Ms.Anees mother of Aasim where students of PP2C gathered knowledge about  unique homes through interactive session,little inquirers posed lots of questions like
 ‘Why glass house is not safe’??
Why we cannot live in caves??
What are the difficulties faced in boat house???
And tried to answer to their peers through dicussions.

Fold N Flaunt

Geometry – lines, curves, shapes and more! Today Class 5-B implemented a simple paper-folding activity to demonstrate that parallel lines are equidistant from one another. Lines apart, it is not unknown that parallel lines don’t meet even if extended indefinitely. So today’s activity hence proved along the creases that parallel lines lie at an equal distance from one another. The stepping stone to geometry was a success – there’s a long way to go! – Kavitha Sanjeev


Yoga Session

Peaceful mind, good health, weight loss, a strong flexible body and a glowing beautiful skin, whatever you may be looking for, YOGA is the ultimate answer.
The first Yoga session for the teachers of grade 7 & 8 CBSE segment was conducted today, i.e. Saturday 20 September 2014 between 8:30 am to 10:00 am by Ms Mani our senior school Yoga teacher. She enlightened the teachers with the importance of Yoga and its benefits followed by yogasans like Surya namaskar, Vajrasan, Ushtrasan, Dhanurasan, Bhujanasan, Shalabasan etc.
However, very often, yoga is only partially understood as being limited to asanas (yoga poses), but Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits. When you are in harmony, the journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling. It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained teacher always.
Excel yourself from ordinary to extraordinary through YOGA

PP1’s exploring about colours

This week we have started with our  new unit “colors can be used and interpreted in  a variety of ways” under the theme “How we express ourselves”  by using different strategies and techniques  like going to nature walk,  discussing  stories related to colors and sorting objects. The children were very excited  while exploring different colors around them.  Pre-assessment was also done as this allows the teacher to get an insight on  the  prior knowledge of the students  to discover what is already known to them. To further develop their understanding of colors, students worked in groups to explore the concepts of sorting different colours.

Valuate Robin Hood

Hello Oakridgers!! Today, in our Literature Circle class - Contract Activity we started off by rating the book. The rating varied from 10 to 5 for the class, most of my classmate’s loved reading the book and rated the book on the higher side. We had to support our rating by writing 5 sentences as to why we liked it and why did we rate so. I liked the Robin Hood story because it is thrilling-seeking and it has a lot of new words to learn.
Well, this was a fun and learning contract activity as this helped me to reflect back on the story. By Meghana. K

Read for speed

Our class 1G have started reading religiously every day with their reading buddy. This daily routine of reading enhances their reading ability and builds their confidence too. They develop the attitude of cooperation and respect as they help each other during their reading time. Our routine "READ FOR SPEED" helps the children to expand the vocabulary and to put the new words in their mind for later use.



Jam Session –Grade1

Lovely time for the kids to enjoy and be a smart Oakridger is the JAM TALK!! This is also one of our class routines. During the JAM TALK"JUST A MINUTE" Children of 1G were ecstatic and eagerly waiting for their turn to talk about themselves ,likes and dislikes ,weekend experiences and short stories. students had all ears to their friends listening to some funny and not son sunny tales. Online bomb stopper has set to keep a check on time which grabbed the attention of the kids. This activity helps the children to face the large group and talk confidently in front of others.


Great learning with New Resources @ Math lab-Grade 1

The young learners of grade 1 F were highly  involved in estimating the quantity using math manipulative s (cubes) and later counting the exact number of the same to check if they were very close to the value guessed.This activity helped them to understand the estimation concept very well and they could also round up the nearest estimated number to the exact number.

Guest Lecture by Mr.Jose Wainer from Jet Airways

Nothing can serve as a greater inspiration than the words of a true professional. With this in mind, and as a part of their ongoing unit about transportation systems, the students of grade 2 got an opportunity to know the real world experience through the speaker Mr. Jose Waiver, a Pilot from the Jet Airways.
The speaker initiated the session with an overview of the airway system. The session was made interactive by some thought provoking questions posed by the students. Our little ones further explored some important details about the air transportation system, how the network system works and some interesting facts about the operations of a pilot. Later in the session Mr. Jose focused on some safety measures that are taken in the airway system for a fool proof run. He has also shared some visuals, which enhanced the knowledge of the students. On the whole it was a session, which most of us would relish on the fruits of the knowledge that we have gained for days to come.

Reflection on Comic Strip Activity

In the Individuals and Societies class of Grade 7 MYP we are learning about the Delhi Sultanate specifically about the rule of Md. Bin Tughlaq.  As IB is all about learning in different ways we explored the topic and then performed a characterization about the rule of Tughlaq. To further strengthen our learning we were asked to create a comic strip about the failed administrative reforms of Md. Bin Tughlaq.
The class was very excited and enthusiastic about this innovative activity. Everyone came up with beautiful comics highlighting the failed reforms of the “Wise Fool of Indian history”. We developed our creativity, research and thinking skills while performing this fun task. I never thought history could be so enjoyable.

Celebrating International dot day

International Dot day is celebrated to encourage people of all ages to harness their creativity. The inspiration behind this event is from the children’s book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.
The pre-primary segment of Oakridge International School also joined in this worldwide celebration on 15th of September.
The day started with the children listening to the heartfelt story of a girl who blossomed in her potential with little encouragement from her teacher. Children could easily relate with the story.
Each class came up with their own creative perception on the Dots activities.
The entire segment was bustling with high energy and spirit to come up with something new with dots.
The day ended with all the class soft boards having a special “dot wall” wherein children depicted their own creativity with lots of enthusiasm and proving that “Even a dot can make a lot of difference”.

Field trip-PP2’s

In connection with our current unit of inquiry" Homes". Students of PP2  were given opportunity to experience and explore the different types of houses through a city tour. Children were excited to cite the different houses in  the locality. They were able to distinguish between the pucca houses and kutcha houses . They were also able to identify the materials used in building these houses. In continuation to the tour ,they also visited Botanical Garden to experience other kinds of houses made of bamboo, huts, tree house, mushroom house,turtle house.
In true sense it was a great learning beyond the class room walls. We appreciate our class moms Pallavi(PP2A),Tanu matai(PP2B),Anees(PP2C),Renuka(PP2D),Anees(PP2F) who actively participated in venturing out on the field trip with our little ones.