Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Visua Arts

In connection with Independence day celebrations ,students of all grade levels created various artworks using varied art forms , like making  flags, t-shirts, bookmarks , posters ,etc.  with different mediums oil pastels, colour pencils and paints.
Students creating bookmarks with tricolour finger printing.
Students using paints to create flags and made designs.
Students creating tricolour bracelets /chains by using colour papers.

The 7th Graders(MYP) made their way to the famous Golconda Fort

On the 26th of August, the MYP 7th graders made their way to the famous Golconda Fort. The fort looked amazing and reminded everyone of delicate antique features. All students enthusiastically listened to the tour guide and climbed to the top of the fort, passing by the various structures such as the curtain wall, and views were more and more enhanced as the students reached the top of the fort, reaching a temple. One of the most interesting features of this fort is that the way it was built, the clap at the entrance which can be heard even on the top of the mountain. The students enjoyed the trip, learning about the south part of the Delhi sultanate, and increasing their knowledge in this fun-learning strategy, making MYP learning differences. -Shreya Kollipara, Grade VII-H
It was an educational field trip for Individuals and society on topic ‘medieval history.’ We saw various sites such as the Bala Hasir, Royal gate, Inner gate, Mortuary bath etc. We saw different artifacts such as the copper/silver coins, Weapons, Armors, Broken Bangles and water watches and we even got to know a few facts about the Golconda fort. This trip developed our Communication skills, Social skills and Organizing skills. Therefore, it was a very fun and interesting and educational trip.  -Jasraj, Grade VII H
The field trip was a different exposure from our everyday learning in the classroom as well as exhilarating and enlightening. We went all over this fascinating monument and learnt a lot of new things. -Manya Reddy, Grade VII-H


Treasure Fest (Stories Come Alive)

Treasure Fest ,organized by Oakridge International School every year is a very prestigious event  and looked forward by all the schools to compete in various events like Sports, Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Elocution, Debate and many more. Many Schools of Hyderabad participated in this event . The drama students participated in “Stories come alive” event ,in category A  which was for Grade 4 and 5 students .  Students practiced very sincerely and came up with many creative ideas during the process.  In “Stories come alive” this year theme was “International Folk Tale”.  Students and Teacher brainstormed together and decided upon a Chinese Folk Tale “Tikki Tikki Tembo” which is a short, sweet and yet very hilarious play .Our little, energetic, enthusiastic actors added many more funny moments to this hilarious play. During the competition, audience was amazed to see the way they have performed with such ease and enthusiasm.  They have got awesome response during and after their performance.  They were the stars of the event. There were 10 schools, which  participated in “Stories come alive” and our students  won the first prize in this category. According to the Judges there was no other choice for the First position other than “Tikki Tikki Tembo” play. Great Job done by our little Oakridger’s, they were superb with their awesome comic timing.

Achievement of Vaishnavi

Has Won three Sub Junior championships so far

OIS Visit- Taha

Upon arriving in Hyderabad, India after a span of four years, I was immediately drawn to visit my old stomping grounds -- Oakridge International School. While I spent only a meager two years at OIS, I had left with a treasure chest of foundational ideas and near-unforgettable memories. Visiting school after such a long time was a rather surreal experience, especially since it has mushroomed from a few disparate buildings into a sprawling, somewhat bewildering campus. The growth in bricks and structures was matched by an astounding growth in the number of students and faculty. What was once a humble IB Diploma Program, consisting of 15 students, had now turned into a mechanized arrangement of colossal proportions, and it was quite astounding to witness such growth.
As I stood near the football field, I took a moment and delighted in recalling the small joys of assembly time, while the words of former Principal Janajit Ray echoed through my conscience -- "where the mind is without fear and the head is held high...” Meeting my old teachers further evoked memories of my exploits, especially when they inquired of my métier. As I started describing my undergraduate and graduate studies, I began connecting the dots, and soon realized how seminal my schooling at OIS had been on my subsequent college career and my current research interests. I now fully appreciate the Community, Action and Service (CAS) aspect of the IB Diploma Program, which challenged us to look beyond our immediate comforts, thus directing our attention to the problems that plague societies around the world. This embodied in me an interest in utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to the world's problems, whether they be management, policy or of an altogether different nature.
Pursuant to an interest in exploring how collaboration between different sectors of the economy, and public participation in public policy and public administration leads to enhanced democratic processes, I am currently a doctoral student at Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). Joining SPEA's acclaimed PhD program in Public Affairs was not a chance occurrence. Throughout my years at Oakridge, I, along with my peers, was encouraged to consider the bigger picture, and explore problems and issues in a global context. This initial exposure fully developed my intellectual capacity and interests and has fueled my current research interests, and has perhaps become my sole reason for embarking on a PhD. As such, I owe a large part of my outlook on public affairs and policy to the kind of environment I was exposed to during my high school years at Oakridge. This would have been quite impossible without the guidance and support of my teachers at Oakridge, and I owe them a debt of gratitude for their teaching and understanding. Further, I would like to thank and express my sincere thanks to the OIS Alumni Association, especially Sindura Pudota, for facilitating my visit to school.


PYP Exhibition Orientation

Today was a scholastic day for the fifth graders. The students were engaged in an interactive discussion about the various aspects of the PYP education. Through learning modules like Caine’s Arcade and the original Panyee FC the students realized the importance of having aspirations, fulfilling them and cherishing them. Later, they themselves came up with the words – collaboration, team-spirit, team-work, creativity, independence and perseverance. They could relate themselves to these and the idea of the orientation. It was a great start for them – something that will remain with them forever…
Kavitha Sanjeev

Map Pointing Skills- Grade 4

In connection to the current topic “CULTURES”, students of grade IV are exposed to map pointing skills. They identified the various places on the India map and the place of their origin.
The pointed the cardinal directions (EAST,WEST,NORTH,SOUTH) and the intermediate directions NE,NE,SE,SW on the map respectively.

Presentation of Culture and “Monuments” of various part of India

As a follow up activity of the current topic “CULTURES” in grade 4 the students interviewed their parents and grandparents about their culture, rituals and belief systems.
In addition to the components of culture the mapping skills with locations of places on the map, cardinal directions and “MONUMENTS” of various places were presented enthusiastically. 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Reading Program)

In connection with the Novel study, Adventures of Tom sawyer by Mark twain, students of grade 4 have planned activities and contracts activities as a follow up after they read the required number of chapters.
The understanding of the story and the presentations of the readings are wonderfully written and maintained in the respective folders of the students.

Understanding the types of adjectives

Students of grade IV are learning adjectives and its types. So they inquired on different types of adjectives which are:
1.      Adjectives of Quality
2.      Adjectives of Quantity
3.      Adjectives of Number
4.      Demonstrative Adjectives
5.      Interrogative Adjectives

Spell Well conducted

Spell Well is a weekly routine for the students of grade IV. It is conducted every week in all the sections. So spell well round -6 was conducted on 20 August.

Introduction to Adjectives

As a part of their provocation, students of grade IV had a circle time activity where they introduced their friends with the help of an adjective. For example: smart Sudiksha, quiet Affan, simple Shradha, amazing Aryan, etc.
It was an interesting activity where the students came up with many adjectives.

Intersection Art competition-

G r a d e  5
Students of Grade 5 participated in the Inter - Section Art competition
With four different categories - Collage, Painting Flower arrangement and
Pot painting.
Students showcased their talent and creativity on the given theme
'Colors of India' connecting to the Independence day celebrations.


Chairman’s Cup August 2014

The Chairman’s Cup for Grade 8 was conducted on the 25th August. The topic assigned to the students was “Nuclear Energy is safe”.  The participants in the debate came out with convincing arguments for and against the topic. The students had researched the topic and spoke convincingly about the need for alternative energy sources.  Students spoke about the importance of conserving fossil fuels and the safe use of nuclear energy. Participants spoke about the nuclear disasters of the past and how research has identified safe ways of using and ensuring that nuclear disasters are avoided.
The first place went to 8J represented by Suhas Peela and Venkat Aditya. The second place was awarded to 8F represented by Sanjula Wanigasekara and Amogh Katta. 8H represented by Avyakth Challa and Tarun Vallabaneni were awarded the third place and Pranith Sudini and Rohini Ganguly of 8G were awarded the 4th place.
The debate was judged by Ms.Siby, the CIE coordinator. The debate was compared by Saranga and Shishir who encouraged the participants and got the classes to cheer them.