Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly 5 – Grade IV

A new initiated has been taken in the junior school to build the vocabulary of the students and is called the Weekly 5. Students will be given 5 words each day in a week. They have to find out the meaning of it and also make sentences of those words. This is a wonderful programme which is going to be very helpful for the students.

Activity on Climatic Zones

Learn by doing , Climatic zones  - in order to make students to get knowledge about the different climatic Zones in this world, The entire Earth is divided into Three major zones like Equatorial or  Torrid zone, Temperate zone  and Frigid zone .
So to make students to aware of this zone an activity was given to draw the different zones on a sheet and mark the different zones                 Seshu Cheera
Today we had lot of fun doing the task and learned where do the zone are there.
We learned about the different climatic zones in the world and had fun doing the activity.    
                                                                                                                    -Spoorti and Anshu
We learned about the climate zones and the most important thing is that I had a lot of fun.                                                                                                         -Santosh Karthik.
We learnt about climatic zones and had lots of fun in this activity ex .tropic of cancer.
                                                                                                                 -Suraj and Nouman.
It was fun and we learnt about different clamitc zones.
                                                                          -Kritin and Lokeshwari.
It was very fun co-operating in the team and we learned a lot about climate zones.- Kabir
The activity taught us all about different climatic zones and where they are located. I had a great time and learned a lot  Anushka
This activity was fun and I learnt a lot of new things about the climatic zones – Sohini

Activity on Climatic Zones

Learn by doing , Climatic zones  - in order to make students to get knowledge about the different climatic Zones in this world, The entire Earth is divided into Three major zones like Equatorial or  Torrid zone, Temperate zone  and Frigid zone .
So to make students to aware of this zone an activity was given to draw the different zones on a sheet and mark the different zones. This are the reflections of class 6F
I learnt the climate zones of the world in a fun way by having an activity.
                                                                                                                          Avanish , 6 F
I learnt how to find out the locations using latitudes and longitudes and we even did many activities to know more about it.             Meghana 6 F
I learnt about the different climatic zones and I was so happy to learn this topic.                                                                                           Pavan.Kumar Bisamala 6 F
Today we did an activity on climatic zone s and in this activity I learnt about the different climatic zones present in the world and specifically we came to know about place location in zone to know the climate of the place exactly. This  activity helped me know the different zones and can helped me little to find out each countries weather. I would like to learn more and do more activities related to this. –                                                                                                  Rithvik Rao katikaneni, 6F
Today I learnt about the different zones in the world by an interesting activity.
                                                                                                                           Samyak jain  6 F

Activity on Climatic Zones

Learn by doing , Climatic zones  - in order to make students to get knowledge about the different climatic Zones in this world, The entire Earth is divided into Three major zones like Equatorial or  Torrid zone, Temperate zone  and Frigid zone .
So to make students to aware of this zone an activity was given to draw the different zones on a sheet and mark the different zones                             Seshu cheera
I learnt a lot about latitudes and longitudes and I enjoyed it a lot. Ronak 6 J
I liked this activity a lot because we learnt while still having fun.   Supriya 6 J    

Activities on Rainfalls in class 7J

In class 7 we have a topic called weather and climate changes in this we have to cover types of rainfalls and to make students understand the process of differentiation rainfalls.
The class is divided into four groups and every group is given one type of rainfall and the fourth group is given climatic zones on earth.Students are very interactive and they made their points and drew the cycle of rainfalls and made a brief description of the rain falls.
Types of rainfalls are
Convectional, frontal, orographic are learnt and well understood about the types of rainfall
My students are really very smart.                                               
                            Seshu cheera ,  Teacher,  Individual and societies, MYP

Today in class we did an activity on the climatic zones on our planet. Me and my group had a lot of fun doing the activity. It was an astounding experience. By: Shreyas class 7J
Today in class we had an activity on the different types of rainfall and climatic zones. We learnt how to draw and organize a diagram on the different climatic zones and rainfall on earth. We developed our social and presentation skills and our cooperation, creativity and tolerance while we did our work.                                                    By: Advaitika Badruka, class 7J
Today in class we did an activity and my group got frontal rainfall. I learned that frontal rainfall is formed when two air masses collide and the warmer mass goes up and cools and condenses and causes heavy or moderate rainfall.
                                                                        By: Yaswanth Singamaneni, class 7J
Today in class we did a group activity based on convectional rainfall. It was a very wonderful experience.                                                                                    By Varenya P class 7J
Today in class we had an activity where we learnt about convectional rainfall, and we enjoyed ourselves a lot, even though it was hectic to do it in a group we improved our collaboration skills.
                               By Pooja class 7J


Today we had a lot of fun doing the social activity, and we also got a good idea of the convectional rainfall, but at last it was a little hectic, but enjoyed.                                            By Zara Ali class 7J



Sneak - Peek at Formative Assessment Conducted on Life Cycle of a Plant


Friends, I am a plant who is lush and green

Day and night I can be seen

The thing that gives me my green fill,

Is a simple word called chlorophyll

Not in a day a meal I miss,

Because I have photosynthesis

Talking about germination,

It means I can grow without hesitation

Then a pistil comes so flowers bloom,

She has a very handsome stamen groom.

Then we produce a fruit which humans need,

When they’re done, they will leave out the seed.

Then the time will come when I will die without a set,

For I knew I have met my death!

Written By Lasya (V-H)

Ankita Banerjee

Class Teacher of 5- H

My journey so far…

PYP exhibition (Primary Years Programme exhibition) is done to access our knowledge about PYP. In the beginning, we wrote our understanding about the exhibition using the 5 W’s and 1 H. Later on, we discussed the role of parents, students and the teachers. Next we watched a video based on teamwork and collaboration and I understood how important they are for our life. I came to know the importance of the 5 essential elements too. We have PYP exhibition class once in a week. Now we are getting articles to school and are relating them to our themes. It is very informative and I am very excited about it.
                                                              Anjali- 5J


Science is Fun!

IB  MYP is full of unexpected surprises. It all started off with the learning of Scientific Methods. Scientific method is a very interesting way to make a hypothesis out of very keen observations in life. First, you need to question yourself about what you would like to know about your observation. From that question, you convert it into a hypothesis. The next step is the best one which is experimenting. I really like the way I learnt that, after you are done with experimenting, you get to collect and organize the data and draw a graph showing all the information we have gathered. Finally, you get to analyze relationships between or within data, draw conclusions and then verify the results. Verifying results is just stating whether and how your hypothesis is true. Wow! What a day it was! But, that was not all. As part of the scientific method class we also got the opportunity to go to the chemistry lab. Not only did we learn about the many types of instruments used in the lab but we also performed an experiment. We put sodium in water and to everyone’s surprise the sodium actually caught fire, that too in water. I never thought that seventh grade would be so much fun!
    Siddharth Diwan VII K


Horlicks Wiz kids

120 students from Oakridge International School participated in the Horlicks Wiz kids Inter school event held on 22 July 2014 at Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam.They participated in different events ranging from dance, western vocal, hair styling, photography, visual arts, the search and little chef. All the students were awarded with participation certificates. Akshada of grade 10 C won a silver medal in hairstyling and the dance group won a consolation prize. Clicks heroine is taken by Milit Agarwal of grade 11 D, the contestant of photography from our school.

Inter House Literary Competition

The Senior School Inter House Literary Competition was held on Friday 18 July 2014. The main objective of this activity is to inspire and motivate the students to improve their writing skills. These competitions provide the students with an opportunity to practice, analyse, research, and enhance their writing skills. It also provides the student with a platform to showcase their imagination and also brings recognition to the participants when their articles are published
There was an overwhelming response from the students, altogether 135 students participated in this event – 62 in Essay Writing competition, 38 in Pen A Verse competition and 35 in the Article Writing competition.
The competition was conducted under three categories:
Category A: Grades 6, 7 & 8
Topic: Pretend that you woke up one day and there were no rules, people could suddenly do whatever they wanted! Explain what the world would be like. Use your imagination.

 Category B: Grades 9 & 10
Topic: Any topic

 Category C: Grade: 11 & 12
Topic: Stress and its effects on young people today.
The results are being processed and will be announced shortly.

Chairman’s Cup Round One July 2014

Competition is an indispensable part of life in our planet, where only the strongest can survive. The first round of the Chairman’s Cup was held on the 23rd July, 2014 for class 8. The topic chosen for the grade 8 was “Should Children under 14 be allowed on Facebook”. The debate was well presented and was thought provoking.  The participants came up with innovative suggestions on how a child’s privacy can be protected and why children under 14 should be allowed on Facebook.
The winners of Round 1 were 8G represented by Pranav and Anagha. The first runners up were 8H represented by Jonathan and Abhinav. The second runners up were class 8F represented by Kunal and Sana Syed.
Big thanks to Aishwarya and Prachi, who compared the debate and encouraged all the participants. A huge round of applause to class 8 who were wonderful audience and encouraged the participants enthusiastically.
The debate was judged by Ms. Aparna Shrivastava, who spoke to the students about cyber safety and advised them to use Facebook with parental control.


Outdoor fun and learning

Playing physical games gives children opportunities to develop confidence in managing movements, challenges and developing social and self-management skills.
Children explore new ways to move, and learn how to control these movements safely in various spaces around them, as they join in physical games.
Children develop their large movement skills, control, coordination and strength as they explore physical play. Outdoor play includes running, climbing, balancing, jumping, hopping, skipping, crawling, bending and stretching.
Ball skills help children develop      body control and Strength. By practising basic ball skills, children can develop eye- hand coordination, foot-eye coordination and control of their larger muscles. Children also learn to track objects as they move and judge distance when they roll, throw, hit and kick balls of various sizes.


Parent volunteer at Sunflower

In connection to the Theme “All about me” the children at class sunflower had a guest lecture by the Ms. Srujana Mantena mother of Sresht. She demonstrated and explained the different parts of the body and their importance to the children. It was an interactive and interesting session where the children were amazed to know more about their body parts. It was a good learning experience for the students.
We really appreciate and thank her for showing such great enthusiasm and giving her quality time for showing our children different parts of the body and their function.

Prize Day—A Memorable Morning With Our Batch of 2014

 As all of us know, Prize Day is a time when we all come together to celebrate and congratulate the achievements and hard-work put in by all the students. It started with a beautiful Kuchupudi Dance done by children of grades 7 & 8. And then we continued with announcing the students who managed to stand out as winners!
The best part of this Prize Day was to see the number of students from the Batch of 2014 who came back to school to collect their certificates and medals.    We are extremely proud of all of them. It doesn’t feel real that they are all ready to start college already.
We want to wish them the best of luck!
Once again, heartiest congratulations to all the winner.
See you all soon!!


CIE & IBDP Potluck

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt” was the theme of the potluck breakfast that was held on 19th July, 2014.
Saturday morning started off on a delightful note for all the CIE & IBDP staff. The aroma of delicious food wafted through the Yoga room, making every one want to savour the food. The sight of all the wonderful food was a feast to the eye.
The staff from the CIE & IBDP segments came up with a potluck breakfast which was an icebreaker for the old and new teachers to interact and catch up on all the school news. The breakfast was leisurely and filled with fun and laughter.  It was a very pleasant start to a day filled with workshops and activity. The potluck proved that teachers can be fun and not as stern as they come across to the students. The teachers look forward to many more potluck breakfasts and lunches in the future. Cheers to happy eating and treating!


Art Workshop for the teachers

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 
The art workshop conducted by Ms. Piu Mahapatra on 19th July, 2014 was an eye opener to the teachers. The latent talents of the teachers were put on spotlight through the art workshop. The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery and that is exactly what the teachers aimed at. From abstract to nature, modern to old school there was art galore in the Visual arts room.  To create one’s own world of art takes courage and the teachers bravely tackled the art world.
The teachers took to art with gusto and every one of the teachers created a masterpiece of stunning proportions. There was much bonhomie and laughter in the Visual arts room with teachers vying with each other to create a visual treat. The art work in the room served as inspiration to the teachers.
It was a morning well spent in the pursuit of happiness and creativity for the teachers.  It was a memorable event for the teachers who happily spent time creating a visual treat which will soon grace the soft boards in the school.