Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review: Divergent

The book ‘Divergent’ is a fantastic debut by Veronica Roth where she engages the readers to think wisely and try to make a noticeable change in the upcoming future and society. Divergent is a book of dystopian fiction, which mainly gives a terrifying perspective of the future by making various societies, districts or even factions have war with each other. 

Divergent is a wondrous book, mainly about 5 factions, which are interdependent on each other. It is a story about a teenage girl, Tris, who must choose which faction she would like to belong to. The unexpected twist in the story comes when she meets a boy who seems to threaten and protect her the hardest choice now lies ahead of her.

This book is not worth missing!!

Maanav Khaitan – Grade 6H

Reflections on MYP Induction Sessions

One of the many induction sessions involved an informative session by Ms. Siby — she led us through a detailed presentation of the many new aspects of being a teacher in an IT-centric world. Along with Teaching and honing our Blogging skills, we look forward to participating in Field Trips and inviting the right people to engage and enhance young minds through Guest Lectures.

We will ensure the enduring success of the "Oak Champs" through the tracker record and also continue giving kids insights into the functioning and organisation of corporate houses or hospitals through the School Internship Programme. Daily News, Indents, and Online Attendance are some of the responsibilities we have already shouldered but now take on with the Internet as our backdrop. As a teacher, I look forward to making my class a fun place to be and so encourage students to aim for the 100% Attendance "Card of Appreciation."
 Ms. Deborah Singh – MYP Teacher

We had an informative session with Ms. Siby and she guided us on Blogging, Field Trips, Guest Lectures, Internship, Weekly Transaction Reports and taught us the importance of Google Drive — her helpful nature and vivid explanation in a lucid style are commendable. I am looking forward to work with her as a team.
Ms. Sony Sharma – MYP Teacher

It is Trade in Deed

Students of Grade IV started their new UOI Topic “Trade.” As a part of their provocation, students persuaded each other to take the goods and exchange for other goods followed by the Frayer Model for better learning and understanding of trade-related terms. Out of this activity, students came up with the concept of barter system too. 

An Interesting Video: 10,000 Years Ago in Trade!!

Students watched a song on “the barter system.” It was self-explanatory. They enjoyed watching the video and, at the same time, they learnt that money was invented by China.