Tuesday, December 27, 2011



Grade 4 is in creativity ,Action and Service

Grade 4 students went to a government school and spread the awareness on safety and first aid, the students explained the students of the nearby Govt school, different aspects of first aid and personal hygiene in their local language Telugu. Our students prepared and donated the first aid boxes to the school. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to know the world around. Our students experienced the joy of giving and sharing the knowledge.


This is the  School we visited.


Our Students making posters on Nature, pollution safety and other major issues of life.



A poster on First aid and Safety.


A poster on preserving nature


A message is being given by means of a poster


Students watching and learning about First aid.


First aid boxes made by our students being handed over to the School HM


Our students explained first aid and Safety rules to the Govt School children in the bus.

The family that dines together ,stays together..

Dining with family members  is therapeutic.  No egos are entertained at the dining table. One learns to share the food, serve each other, and get to taste new dishes. There is so much unrest in this world today, being with family gives a sense of security, emotional balance and a sense of well being.

So if families have to bond, they must dine together……taking this further into our classrooms we the teachers invited  our class parents for lunch.Some lovely afternoons were spent with them in school. We felt it was a wonderful opportunity to bond with the parents outside the classroom boundary.

We  R Family – The Oakridge Family!!


Parent involvement

“As we are approaching the end of our unit “Celebrations” we look back at the activities that we did as part of this unit. The teachers and children of PP2 A wish to thank all the parents who showed great involvement in the activities with us.” – Ganga Hari, Class Teacher, PP2A

Mrs.Rajitha Kumbam mother of Isha Kumbam and Mrs. Geetha Edara mother of Navya Edara visited our class room and taught us to make a beautiful and creative Christmas tree.

image imageimage

" It was very nice and memorable experience to spend time with the little ones and working with them on arts and crafts activities. I really thank Miss Ganga and Miss Deepthi for helping me out with the activity and looking forward for more opportunities to spend quality time with kids." – Geetha Edara


Mr.Viji Varghese father of Saachi Varghese became the Santa, shared a story about Christmas, sang songs and distributed chocolates. Kids adored this Santa.


Student Reflection


25th Dec was my birthday. I felt very happy giving plants on my birthday to everyone, as it is part of protecting the environment. I hope even my friends will take responsibility to grow new plants and bring a change and make the earth a greener place to live in.

Srinidhi,V D

Field Trip to Novotel Hotel





Christmas tree made with 4,800 Recycle drinking water bottles and 40 meters high.










PP2’s went on a field trip to Novotel Hotel on 26 December’11,in connection with their Unit ‘Celebrations’. It was an amazing sight to see the Christmas tree made up of 4,800 recycled drinking water bottles .There was also a ginger bread house made up of ginger bread and cookies. Children interacted with the employees and asked many interesting questions about the unique Christmas tree and also relished the muffins and plum cake which was served to them.

Celebrating The Spirit Of Christmas

The senior school assembly wore a festive look as the children actively participated in celebrating the spirit of Christmas. Carols were sung by the staff and students and the students had great fun watching Santa Claus romping around distributing sweets too.

Festivals do bring in a lot of cheer and happiness but it’s also a good time to reflect and do a turnaround in life for the better.